• Reservations are on a first come basis. We recommend that you reserve your rentals 6-8 months prior to your event date to ensure your desired linen rental selection.
  • To reserve an order less than 5 months prior to event date a 50% deposit is due when reserving order.
  • To reserve an order 30 days before date of event the order must be pre-paid in full to confirm order.
  • Note: Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE without exceptions. Once your order has been reserved with a deposit, all rental item(s) have been put to the side for the date indicated on invoice and you have committed to rent and pay for in full for therefore if you cancel deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.


  • We accept cash, money order, credit cards and personal checks. All returned checks will be assessed a Return Check Fee determined by Unique Design & Events.
  • We do not accept personal checks less than 30 days before date of event.

Delivery & Pick-Up of Rental Item(s)

  • We offer Delivery and the fee is based on location and time of delivery. Please call us directly to get a quote.
  • We also offer Pick-Up for the inconvenience of our client and this is also based on location and time of pick-up.
  • Please check with us as we do offer Free Delivery for specific venues that we have an exclusive account with as an incentive to their clients.
  • We offer Delivery and also offer Pick-Up for your convenience and the fee is based upon the location and time of the delivery and the time of the pick-up respectfully. Please call us directly to get a quote.
  • We offer Free Delivery to specific venues that we have an exclusive account with as an incentive to their clients. Please call us for more information.
  • Pick-up can be scheduled as early as Thursday for the convenience of our clients as long as we have a 30 day request prior to event date. This option can change at any given time and date depending on the amount of weddings or special events scheduled for the week. Friday pick-up times are between 9am-1pm. Please schedule pick-up prior to arrival.
  • Friday pick-up 9am-1pm
  • Please schedule pick-up prior to arrival.
  • All Drop offs should be made Monday between 10am-3pm.
  • Please return linens, chair covers and any other rental item(s) free of food and any other substance. Please DO NOT return rental item(s) wet or damp, as soil will cause mold on linens and chair covers and this will be considered as a damaged return product and will be billed at full retail price.


  • We offer installation of chair covers and sashes and the fee is based on per chair.
  • Tables and chair layout must be complete and set-up prior to our arrival.
  • Final head count and correct chair cover rental must be finalized 2 weeks prior to the event date. Our staff will not supply extra chair covers that are not paid for prior to the date of event set-up.
  • For emergency add-ons, please contact us directly at 512-296-5090 to order.
  • Window for installation starts at 2 hours for every 100 chairs being installed. This includes sash installation.
  • Break-down is offered for the convenience of not having to do the leg work after the event conclusion. Please contact us for pricing.

Linen Return

  • UDE linens must be handled with special care to avoid post-rental charges. Please obey these linen rental rules to ensure a satisfactory linen rental experience.
  • Shake used linens free of excess food, confetti, glitter, etc., and re-hang on the provided hangers. Please do not attempt to wash our linens.
  • Never place damp or wet linens in plastic bags or other containers.
  • Be careful with candle wax as it will permanently damage most linens. Always protect the fabric from wax spills or stains.
  • By renting our linens you expressly agree to replace permanently damaged linens at our cost, inclusive of shipping and handling.
  • Please understand that table linens are purchased continuously. Linens are purchased from different dye lots may not be a perfect match. There may be slight differences in color between new and older linens.
  • Responsibility for the rented items remains with the customer from the time of possession to the time of return. Additional fees are charged for damage and loss.
  • Ceilings to location must be higher than 14 feet in height.
  • In case of an emergency, call 512-296-5090. After hours service is available for your convenience 24 hours/7 days a week.
  • Our Rental Policy is subject to change without notice.


If you have a question about our services please give us a call or you can also fill out the form to the right and we will contact you soon!