UDE Cares! Now offering Washable Custom Face Masks…

How UDE Cares Started?

On March 14th, 2020, our team just completed three event decor installations. We started with a 300 person wedding reception which included every piece of decor imaginable. We then followed it with a ceiling draping installation and a Hindu ceremony furniture install. As we arrived back home, we heard news that SXSW was canceled and the coronavirus would soon be affecting Texas. As we waited by our phones to follow the quickly evolving news, we began to receive reports that weddings were being postponed and canceled. What went from one wedding being affected quickly evolved into every wedding for the next 6 weeks either being canceled or postponed.

As a company that thrives off of events, we began to question what is next. Rather than letting the news get us down, we had to put our heads together to find a way to support not only our team but fellow event vendors.

From this, UDE Cares was formed!

UDE Cares is our method to keep working to support our team but to also provide protective masks to our peers. Our team worked quickly to create a face mask that would be washable and effective.

Why UDE Cares Face Masks?

Our custom washable face masks are created of three layers. These layers include 2 layers of fabric and a permanent, washable filter. Being in Austin,  Washable Face Mask allowed us to venture into creating more products. We expanded our colors to include blush pink, gray and ivory. We were also able to expand into child size washable masks!

In the office, we like to use the word “pivot”. We may be in hard times now but it won’t last forever. We needed a temporary pivot to keep striving but we soon learned that we can do so much more!

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